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Financial Solutions

"Methods to Create Value with Current Resources"

Come learn more about solutions to your financial questions from real stories.

Join us Thursday, February 16, 2017 at 3:00 PM EST. (1 CE credit given for attending)

Presenter: Michael Atanasio, Director of Food and Nutrition Services, Patient Transport and Metabolic Program at Overlook Medical Center, New Jersey Michael Atanasio started his career 33 year ago, in the hospitality industry. His healthcare career started in 1989 at a large multi-site medical center in New Jersey. He currently manages Food and Nutrition Services, Patient Transport and a metabolic program at Overlook Medical Center, a 525-bed acute care facility ranked and recognized by US News Best Hospitals as one of the best regional medical centers. Michal has received a number of industry recognitions and sits on several state and national boards including a gold star advisory member for the General Mills Advisory Board. Michal has been one of a hand full of participants selected nationally to participate in "think tanks" such as Food Service Director Magazine’s "In Front of the Future summit" and Monsanto's Food Biotechnology. He has written for and contributed to Newspaper and Trade Magazines periodicals and has conducted workshops for national and local conferences on topics such as customer service, retail marketing, management competencies, finance, culinary trainings and operational efficiencies.

Take Aways

  • Learn two strategies for negotiation for the equipment and/or renovation you need in your operation.
  • Understand how to utilize economies of scale within your operations.
  • Be able to comprehend "Doing more with less," but still execute improvements to customer experience.


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Operational Excellences: Meal Delivery Optimization

March 23rd, 2017


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