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Gluten Free Lifestyles

November 3rd at 3:00pm EST

Presenters: Barbara L. Callanan, MS, and Joan F. Schmidt, RN, MBA in Health Care and Hospital Management, Principals of JCB Consulting Services, and Todd Daigneault, ASCS, CEC Executive Chef,, Gluten Free meals, Executive Chef, Overlook Medical Center.

Barbara L. Callanan is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park and holds an MS in Management with a concentration in Supply Chain. She has over 20 years of distribution, operational and culinary experience in the food service industry with specialization in the healthcare sector. Her expertise includes program, recipe and menu development for clients with food allergies and dietary intolerances. Barbara with her sister, Joan Schmidt, own and operate JCB Consulting Services, Inc., a company that offers gluten-free and allergy consulting services to foodservice venues as well as individual client care. Barbara is a public instructor at the Patti Gellman Culinary Arts Center where she teaches healthy, gluten-free cooking. She has been featured as a guest chef on Cablevision’s “Food For Thought”. Her gluten-free confections are now featured in Nordstrom’s Ebar. Barbara has maintained a gluten free lifestyle since 2004 and has become an advocate for those like herself, who suffer from celiac disease.

Joan F. Schmidt is a Registered Nurse with an MBA in Health Care and Hospital Management. She is a graduate of Molloy College’s School of Nursing and earned her MBA at Adelphi University where she is a guest instructor for Professional Development. Joan has over 20 years of healthcare experience holding a variety of clinical, administrative and consulting positions. She transitioned to healthcare consulting at Loeb & Troper and Deloitte & Touche where she provided a full complement of healthcare consulting services. Joan lives on Long Island with her husband and two children. Her passion is to educate and raise awareness for food allergies and celiac disease, ensuring safe consumption of food for all those affected. In August 2012, she received the Woman of Distinction Award by Assemblyman Tom McKevitt for her educational campaign for food allergies and celiac disease as well as the development of The Golden Apple Rule™, which is a comprehensive initiative that allows children with food allergies and dietary intolerances to feel included and not excluded or stigmatized because of their dietary constraints.

Todd Daigneault is devoted to helping people incorporate healthy eating into their daily lifestyle. Todd has won numerous chef challenges, and competed on a national stage of chef challenges, including Tyson National Chef Challenge featured on Fox Television. Most recently, Todd has accepted a chef position with the Culinary Enrichment Innovative program sponsored by Hormel Foods and The Culinary Institute of America – Todd is one of 16 honored applicants chosen out of 3,000 candidates.


  • Gain an understanding of the gluten-free lifestyle.
  • Understand what are the common gluten offenders and interventions for avoiding gluten.
  • Become familiar with FDA Glutens-Free Labeling Rules.
  • Strategy for offering choices & options in today’s foodservice venues.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. One CEU is available for this webinar for dietitians, chefs, dietary managers, executives. Please check your time zone.

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