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Alluserv Multi-Temp Cart Testimonial

See what Summit Oaks Hospital said about the Alluserv Multi-Temp cart!
“The immediate response that we saw on our patient satisfaction surveys was that the hot food went from in the 60’s and 50’s- shot right up to the 80’s within the month that we implemented the system for all our different patient units.” Lynda Carpenito, Director of Food and Nutrition

The Alluserv Multi-Temp cart is designed for bulk meal delivery with one side holding hot foods and the other side housing cold foods. The total separation between the hot and cold side increases energy efficiency and temperature integrity. The cart doesn’t require special trays, keeping your product costs low. Alluserv’s Multi-Temp cart has a simple on/off switch. It's easy to see when the model is in use and it's guaranteed to be at the optimal, safe food temperatures. For more information or to request a demo, fill out the form below.

To hear Lynda recommends you consider before purchasing a cart system or to watch the full version of the interview, click here.


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