We have compiled some industry challenges through food service, design, engineer consultants, health care industry surveys and director questionnaires,

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What can I do to improve our employee retention?

Articles from both Employer and Employee viewpoint:


How can I reduce absenteeism in my department?

How can I inspire my employees to make a difference?


Employee RetentionHow do I effectively communicate with the younger generation?

How do I successfully communicate with a multi-generational audience?


How can I use the internet to find and hire the best employees?

How can I increase productivity?



Employee RetentionHow do I know when delivery equipment needs replacing? How can I justify getting it?

NAFEM Life Cycle Tool – Full (.XLS)
NAFEM Life Cycle Tool – Condensed (.XLS)

Employee RetentionWhat should I look for in a meal delivery system to provide optimum safety and quality for my patients?


How do I know which equipment is sustainable



Will I be able to maintain a sustainable program and generate a profit?

How can I generate revenue in today's times?




How can I generate revenue in today's time?


How do I compete with non-hospital retail environments for customers?

Patty, Cafeteria Manager

  • The Retail Healthcare Revolution by Tony Paquin
    Retail healthcare sales now exceed $500 billion annually and are poised to reach $1 trillion within just a few years. Tony Paquin gives executives key strategies for leveraging the healthcare consumer movement for the financial advantage of their organization.
  • Strategic Healthcare Retail by Mindy Thompson-Banko (.PDF)
    Retail approach can be a tangible component of patient care

How can I improve patient satisfaction?

Administration has mandated a "GO GREEN" initiative – What can I do?


What can sustainability mean to a healthcare food service operation?

  • Creating a Sustainable Future highlights of HealthCast 2020, the latest health industry survey from PricewaterhouseCoopers' Health Research Institute, which looks at the globalization of healthcare and worldwide efforts to create a sustainable health system.


How do I transform the cafeterias to encourage healthier selections and be profitable?


How do I utilize social media in healthcare?